The Weekly Knot

Vol. 3 Issue 8

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Weekly Happenings

A Week

Please review the testing site for more details. The link is in the helpful links section.

Monday October 3, 2016

No Testing

Picture Day- Click here for the Schedule

Tuesday October 4, 2016


Ramirez in the Computer Lab 8:45-10:15

Gray, Wheeler, Gachelin, & Lawson with Chromebooks 9-10:30

Rheingold 12-1:30

Book Fair Preview Day

Wednesday October 5, 2016


Towers in the Computer Lab 8:00-9:30

Vejarano in the Computer Lab 9:30-11

Tucker and Owens with Chromebooks 8-9:30

DeLong and Pinnock 9:00-10:30

Collaborative Planning in various locations @ 2:15

Books Fair

Thursday October 6, 2016


Lambiase in the Computer Lab 8:00-9:30

Johnson in the Computer Lab 9:30-11

Fourth Grade with Chromebooks 8-9:30

Book Fair

Friday October 7, 2016


Sanchez in the Computer Lab 9:00-10:30

Grade 3: OLSAT testing 9-10

Book Fair