Emerging with S.T.E.M Careers


Emerging STEM Careers with chemicals

Work conditions/Work environments

  • Chemical Engineers mostly work in offices or laboratories and mostly spend time at many places like:refineries,industrial plants,and other locations where they monitor or direct operations and solve problems while working.

  • Chemical engineers must be able to work with many professionals who design other systems and with technicians and mechanics who put designs to practice.

  • Chemical engineers work full time jobs every day.

Training and other qualifications

  • To become a chemical engineer you have to finish school and get many degrees especially a bachelor degree in chemical engineering.It usually takes 4 years to complete the programs including laboratories, classrooms,and field studies.

  • Also you have to have and know many qualities and skills .

Emerging S.T.E.M Careers with chemicals


  • Employment -$33,000
  • Employment rise-2.5%
  • Mean hourly wage-$50.16
  • Mean annual wage-$104,340
  • Wage rise-1.2%

Earnings For Chemical engineers in 2012

  • Median annual wages 94,350

Median wage is the wage at which half the workers in the occupation earn more than that amount and half earn less.
The lowest 10% earned less than $58,830 and the top 10% earned more than $154,840.

Related occupation

  • nuclear engineer
  • chemist
  • biomedical engineer
  • materialist