Different Types of Stress

By: Reigen Mora

Gained a new family member(through birth)

This was stressful because I didn't know how to react to a sibling. This was a greater responsibility. I should be more fair towards my sister. I should spend time with the family more. My solution is being friendly towards my sister and not be selfish. The second solution is being cheerful that I got a sister. The last solution is helping my parents with my baby sister.

Desire to Sleep

This stress is behavioral stress. My brain sometimes isn't fully rested in the day. This causes less participation, a slower day. I solve this problem by having time management and get my homework done, but a little bit faster. The second solution is sleeping on time instead of 10 minutes later. The third solution is sleeping earlier and not be as tired early in the morning.

Outstanding Personal Achievement

This is a positive type of stress because the achievement was important in my life because I have worked hard in school. Another reason is it took effort to get the award that I needed to succeed. It was a little bit of stress because I had to turn in all my work and do good on my tests/quizzes. A solution was being more confident and being responsible. Another solution is introducing myself to different students. The last solution is more success along the years so I won't get as much stress later on.


Positive and Negative

This was a positive stress because it was a new grade level that I was going in to. Meeting new teachers and learning different topics. Going to my homeroom, Seeing new people. This was a negative because I was beginning to have a new locker and combination. Starting to have a little bit more homework along the period. A solution is not being worried and becoming more calmer. Another solution is asking teachers a little bit more questions. The last solution is study at least an hour instead of 40 min.

Stress Relieving Activites

The activities are eating healthy foods for 2-4 days. This is an activity because I don't want to eat junk food and it lowers my stress level. Another activity is playing with my sister. This helps me spend time with her and know each other a little bit better. Playing video games help me be less busy, make my brain be relaxed. Taking a nap so I will not be stressed and being more comfortable. Getting my homework done earlier so I can have free time.

Facts About Stress

  • Three- fourths of the human population have stress in different ways in 2-weeks. This is important because of the way people's feelings are, effecting the world itself.
  • Stress causes chest pain, high cholesterol, and depression. I had depression from studying a test and was hard to focus on it.
  • Stress involves diabetes and fatigue. This is important because there will be less people living.
  • Stress effects the brain. The brain can't think and is not focused enough.
  • Stress can be positive and negative depending on how the person is or feelings.

Death Of A Close Family Member

This was a negative stress because it didn't happy feelings, showing terrible emotions. I wouldn't see that person again throughout my life. I was gloomy and my parents cheered me up but it wasn't working as much. One solution is not thinking about the family member as much. The second solution is being closer to my family more as I would like to. The third solution is not being so depressed and think about the joyful times that I had with the family member.