Closed For The Season

Written By: Mary Downing Hahn

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And Now........ The Book Talk!


This Realistic Fiction book happens in any places including a neighborhood and a very old theme park. The summary is: Logan is a boy who has just moved into a new neighborhood. When he meets Arthur, his next door neighbor, he is surprised to learn there was a murder in his house. Logan becomes curious about the murder and digs deeper. Arthur and Logan try to find the murderer, and find out more than they should. Just when they think it's over, they find the last clue waiting for them.


There were many parts of Closed for the Season that I liked. I liked the couple of sentences when Loan and Artur met Nina. Another great part of the book was when Arthur and Logan go to the Magic Forest. These were both my favorite parts of the book.


There were a couple of parts in the story that I didn't like. I didn't like the part about the party. It seemed awkward for the characters. I also didn't like the part where Nina and Billy go to the Magic Forest alone because Billy was mean. I did not care much for either of these parts.

Favorite Charactors and Why

There were guite a few charactors in Closed for the Season. I, personally, had a hard time choosing a couple. My favorite charactors are Logan, beacause he was funny but rebellious, and Nina, because she was very kind to people she liked, but at times, harsh. These fitional charactors were my favorites.

Why Someone Should Read This Book

Someone should definitly read this book if they are into mystories or ghost stories. They should also read this book if the like to read stories written by Mary Downing Hahn.
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