Peace Treaty For Mexican Drug War

Equal Justice

To establish Equal Justice, both the Mexican and America governments need to release all ties with any and all Cartel's. There should be no affiliation at all between the two. The cartels will eliminate organized crime groups. The government will not deny cartel members their human rights and will treat them all equally and justly. All security services and military forces will be better trained and monitored out in the world.


In order to right their wrong doings, the cartels must repay all familes of the innocent persons they've displaced or killed by giving them all an equal sum of money. They will also end all organized crime groups in exchanged for reduced incarceration time if they agree to spend time in a rehabilitaion program rather than in a penetentary.

Formal designations of borders

All Cartel leaders and/or founders must gather under the law, along with the president and government leaders in a room together. All weapons and guards must be left outside the building. They will divide all territory equal and will not leave the building until everyone is content will the arrangement of territories. Territories may not expand into other countries. (United States,

Process for resolving future disputes

All future disputes will be handled without violence and under the law. All Cartel Leaders and founders will gather along with the president and government leaders in person so that all cartel's are informed of the dispute and it's results. A jury of both cartel leaders and government leaders will decided who is wrong and who is right and if nessisary, punishment.