White Supremacy is Irrelevant

Eve LeBert

NOBODY, regardless of skin color or ethnic background should be denied of rights and respect because of their skin color or physical makeup. We are all one human family, our skin colors should not define us or throw us into stereotypical categories. The brain of a person of color doesn't work any differently than a white persons brain because of their skin color, their skin color has nothing to do with the persons personality. People of color have been disregarded through customs, etiquette and racial caste systems that do deny human dignity and respect.
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We have disregarded people of color through customs and etiquette, denying human dignity and respect. The probability that a black male, eighteen or nineteen years of age will be stopped by police in New York City at least once in 2006 was 92%. For a young Latino male it’s a 50% chance and a 20% chance for a young white male. That is a 72% difference between a young white male and young black male. The only given reason for 60% of the encounters was that the person was in a “high crime area”. There isn’t a valid reason as to why this portion of the population should be targeted. African Americans are twice as likely to be arrested than a white person and four times as likely to experience force during these encounters. In the United States, blacks are by far the most likely to experience punishment and surveillance a thus are more likely to be prevented from realizing human dignity.

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People often argue that black people are more violent because studies have shown that more people of color are in prison for criminal like activities such as stealing and violence than white people. There is also more poverty among the black race, resulting in these criminal acts. What people don't understand is that it starts with the white race and the way they feel superior to other races. The reason why people of color are made out to be inferior starts with the unemployment of other races and lower wages than the white race. Lower wages and high unemployment rates lead to criminal activities. The black unemployment rate has remained roughly two times as high as the white rate for the last forty years, regardless of education.

The belief that white people are superior to those of all other races, especially the black race and should therefore, dominate society is called white supremacy. This is a form of racism centered upon the belief that white people are superior to every other race because of skin color. Every nation has a creation myth or origin myth. The myth of the United States is Columbus’s so called “discovery” of America, with the settlement of brave pilgrims, winning independence from England and so on. However, there are three key facts missing from this country's birth. The first is the elimination of indigenous peoples and the seizure of their land. The second is that we could not have developed economically as a nation without enslaved African American labor and the third is taking over part of Mexico, opening up the Pacific and trade with Asia. The United States wouldn’t be what it is today without the help from people of color.

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In today's society would you want to be treated like a black person now? Would you be okay with the violation of your rights? How would you feel if your skin color determined what you can and cannot do?