Prehistoric Indians

Week 6: Must earn 45 points!

REQUIRED: "Late Prehistoric Indians"

5 Points (Must read 2 of the following): **Max 10 Points**

  • Lost and Found Cultures
  • The Coahuiltecan: Real Survivors
  • The End of Prehistoric Texas
  • Who Came to America First?

8 Points (Must select at least ONE of the following):

Create Prehistoric Indian Flipbook...Include description, location, & facts about each tribe.
Must include the following Indian Tribes:
  1. Karankawa
  2. Caddo
  3. Coahuiltecan
  4. Jornado Mongollon

15 points (Must select ONE of the following):

  • Take the online test **remember I can see your scores, so take your time!**
  • Using the next page in your S.S. notebook - In complete sentences, write half a page on one of the prompts below:
    1. Compare and Contrast the Caddo tribe and the Jornada Mogollon tribe.

3 Points:

  • Break the Code and Find the Mystery Word
  • Math! Record your answers and show your work on the worksheet!
  • Watch a video & answer the Easy, Medium and Hard questions that follow
  • Look at a photo & answer the Easy, Medium and Hard questions that follow

1 Point:

  • Highlight 10 Proper Nouns on your newspaper (Proper Nouns are specific names and places...Texas, Austin, Mrs. Lain, North America)
  • Look at 5 Photos and read the Captions
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