Jamestown Colony

By: Kaden Wright


Do you know how many rooms were in a house in Colonial times? The history of Jamestown in Colonial times. There were lots of jobs in Colonial times. Blacksmith, Tailor, Cobbler, and lots more. The life in Colonial times was really tough and hard to live through. The Jamestown Colony was really hard work. They had to make there stuff all by themselves.

History of Jamestown

Do you know how many rooms were in a house in Colonial times? The Jamestown Colony was found by Colonists. Colonists are people coming from other countries to different. countries like America. On May 14th three ships arrived at the southern entrance of Chesapeake Bay. The three ships were caring 104 colonists and 39 sailors. On May 14th they found a peninsula about 60 miles off the coast from the entrance of Chesapeake Bay. There was a ship wreck along time ago. The ship was caring colonist and wild ponies. Now the wild ponies live on the island of Chesapeake Bay. Chesapeake Bay streches from the states of North Carolina, South Carolina,Maryland, Virgina, and Georgia. The colonist had to survive on the ships for ore than two months.

Jobs in Colonial Jamestown

There were lots of jobs in Colonial times they didn't have much stores to shop at so they had to make there own stuff. There were so many jobs in Colonial times. There was a tailor the tailor would make all the clothes for the family. The cobbler made the shoes out of all the different. materials. The colonists made candles and soap out of animal fat. they didn't have electricity so they would use candles. They had slaves slaves were people that did all of the work around the plantation in Colonial times. Slaves were not treated fairly.

Life in Jamestown

They made butter with a churn. In colonial times they only had one room houses. They had no electricity so they would use the candles they made to see. They mostly travel in boats that they made out of logs or wood. Next, They would travel by river. They didn't have soft, and nice furniture to use. They had to sit on hard, and rough benches. The school had has a fire place inside but, if you were bad you would have to sit on a hard bench in the back of the school house and freeze.


People in colonial times would dress different than we do now. There was three different boats that came with colonists in them when America was found. There was a cobbler that made all the shoes. With a churn they use a stick that goes up and down to make the butter. Baby's had to wear something around there waist to keep them from getting hurt when they fall


Chesapeake- A historical bay in North Carolina.
Churn- something they used to make butter.
Colonial- A time period a long time ago.
Colonists- People coming to America for fredom.


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