Friday Focus

Moreau Heights Elementary

October 2, 2015

PBS Focus of the Week -

This week our PBS instruction is focused on Restroom behavior. Take time to explicitly reteach and review expectations of voice on a level 0, taking turns, reporting problems to the teacher, being quick, flushing, washing hands, throwing paper towels into the trash can, KAHFOOTY, and walking. We want to be sure we are looking for those chances to provide specific, positive feedback to students for making the right choices.

Also, be on the look out for teachable moments in your classroom to reinforce or reteach expectations as needed. Our students are most often very good at showing us what they need - we just need to pay attention and provide it!


Our PBS Assembly last Friday was a success! The students liked having their names called for awards and displayed their very best choices during the assembly. What a great problem to have - so many classes showing their Charger Pride that we struggle to select ONE to have the Brag Flag! AWESOME!

Thank you for your continued reinforcement of our Stop, Walk, Talk strategy. It will take time for it to be use effectively and fluently by some of our friends, but with our support they can adopt a more peaceful way to resolve problems! I hope the videos I shared with you have proven helpful.

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Our Character Trait for the month is Responsibility.

Duties for the Week

Please see your schedule in the handbook for Charger Time duty.

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Calendar of Events:

Monday, October 5

*Mr. Linthacum's facility discussion 3:40 (all staff present for meeting in library)

Tuesday, October 6

*New Crew 7:00 a.m.

*5th grade plan time discussion 8:25

*Kindergarten plan time discussion 12:35

Wednesday, October 7

*KOMU Pledge (Steinman, Borgmeyer, Pistel, Henderson) 9:00 - 9:30

*District Admin Council (Haugen) 9:00

*Intruder Drill Talk Thru

*IEP for ZM (Cummins, Reece, Haugen)

*IEP for TG (Sexton, Haugen, SLP, McGeorge, Lock, Cremin, Holtmeyer)

*KY staffing (Henderson, Treat, Haugen) 3:30

Thursday, October 8

*Intruder Drill Walk Thru 2:10

Friday, October 9

*Professional Development Day/No School for Students

Monday, October 12

*TST for JP (Mantle, Haugen, Moeller)

*Literacy Team 3:40

Tuesday, October 13

*Kelly and Hilary meeting with teams during Teamwork Tuesday work

*4th grade plan time discussions 9:10

*1st grade plan time discussion 1:25

*TST for LA (Albers, Haugen) 4:00

Wednesday, October 14

*IEP for CP (Connelly, Steinman, Haugen, Locke, Cummins, Frank) 12:35

*Problem Solving Team 3:40

Thursday, October 15

*Fall Pictures

*District Staff Appreciation Breakfast

*Elementary Principal's meeting 8:00

*TST for GM (Dunn, Haugen, Holtmeyer, Bexten, Taggart)

*IEP for AC (Farmer, Pistel, Frank, McKim)

*Literacy Units of Study presentation for k-1 4:15 at Dix Road

Friday, October 16

*3-5 PBS Assembly 8:30

*k-2 PBS Assembly 1:20

Nuts and Bolts

*Remember that Monday, October 5th , Mr. Linthacum will come talk to our staff about facility needs across the district. We will need to plan on a 1 hour 30 minute meeting that will begin at 3:40 in the library. This is a mandatory meeting for all teachers and paraprofessionals.

*We have our next PBS assembly on Friday, October 16th (We moved it from October 23rd to get away from conference week) . Please make decisions about who will receive your different recognitions, contact parents, and send awards my way.

*We have an Intruder Drill set for Thursday the 8th at 2:10. For this drill, I would like for students to be in their homerooms. Specials teachers will take 1st grade students to their grade level classrooms and conduct the drill with the classroom teacher. When the announcement is made for this drill, we will secure classroom doors, silently move students to a corner of the room from which they cannot be seen by someone at the door, and turn off lights. Lockdown with students in the classroom is ONE of the options in case of an intruder. This is what we are practicing with our first drill.

*As a district, we are no longer going to offer Permanent Special Permission. Requests can be made for a student to finish out the school year if a family moves, and after the end of the school year, their student will need to attend their area residency school. *Those who already have permanent permission are not effected by this decision.*

As far as affecting staff special permission, Dr. Foster is not sure how this will be altered, if at all. This process will be reevaluated before the spring special permission period is open.


Congratulations to April Steinman who was recognized as the KAT Country Teacher of the Month for September. Way to go, Steinman!
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Literacy Units of Study Presentations

Grades K-1, Thursday, October 15

Grades 2-3, Monday, October 19

Grades 4-5, Monday, November 2

Location: Dix Education Center, 4:15-5:15

The purpose of this session is to look at the revision work completed over the

summer to enhance the reading and writing Units of Study. We will highlight the

revisions that were made for each grade level and showcase the available resources

for Unit 1. We will also walk you through the digital organization of the documents on

Google Drive and explain the plans for posting the remaining Units of Study. This

Drive folder is a place to collaborate with your grade level team across the district

by providing an easy way to share resources with each other for reading, writing,

math, science, social studies, classroom management, and more. Time will be provided

for you to talk as a grade level team about how your grade level would like to use your

Drive folder for ongoing collaboration. Please join us to learn more about the

collaborative grade level Drive folder and all the available resources for supporting

literacy instruction in your classroom.

Sign up on MyLearningPlan to get registered for the session appropriate for your grade level.