Surgeons life in saving humanity

Being a surgeon

What a surgeon does to help save lives

Surgeons diagnose what they need to do for their patients who need medical attention. And surgically go in to help patient who needs to go under the knife to be healthy. And are experts at what they do to save the world.

Why It interests me

Why surgeons interested me because you're able to go into the human body and help them feel better surgically and to understand to understand the human body through it's many organs , tissue , bones and other things that make up the human body.

Heath and treatments and what three things do and wear

Job outlook and pay

Surgeons future in the years to come

The job outlook of surgeons in the years to come is an 18% fast growth average over the years to come. Faster than all careers combined. Surgeons make about 187,200 or more depending on what they do. To become one will require a doctoral or professional degree. They also work long irregular and overnight hours. And usually work in sterile environments.
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