Penny Board Mishap

Hailey Manson

Summer Fun

This summer I skinned up my knee while penny boarding to a park with Madi. We decided to go because it's something we both like to do and we did it because we were bored. We would usually go around Howard and around by our houses.

Look at Me!

The Science of it


When the penny board is in motion it has momentum. Momentum is a mass in motion, the amount of momentum an object has depends on 2 variables - mass (weight) and velocity (speed).

When I was riding on my penny board (momentum) I hit a crack in the side walk that stopped my penny board, sense I was moving forward and my board suddenly stopped, my body wanted to continue. With forward momentum and that made me fall off my board.

Science of it


Gravity is a force which try's to pull two objects towards each other. Anything which has a mass (weight) also has a gravitational pull, the more massive and object is the stronger its gravitational pull is.

Sense I was no longer standing on my board gravity was pulling me to the ground, and I skinned up my knee cause that was the first thing to hit the ground.

I wonder

1. I wonder if I was going faster would it hurt more?

2. I wonder if I was going slower would I have been able to catch myself?

3. I wonder if I could have jumped over the crack?

4. I wonder if I was going first I would have seen it?


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