Agnostic Lifestyle...Single Mom

By: Dustin Cheney

About Gretchen Weston

Gretchen Weston is a simple working single-mom with four kids. She says “The reason I strive for the things I do, is for my children and their well-being.” Gretchen owes her family to her ex-husband and she will never forget him because “he is the father of my children because we were married for 15 years and I wouldn’t have my kids without him.”
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Mother-Daughter Moments

The Struggles Faced

At the point of her life when she needed to find a job she said “I made some bad decisions while picking a job so I wasn’t able to get a high paying job. Because of this, I have to work two jobs to support our family and my oldest two also have jobs to help keep us financially stable.” And because of theose decisons her two oldests are employed along with her to help with the finacial issues.
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Momma's Boy

At a Young Age

When Gretchen was asked about her religion beliefs she said “When I was younger I was raised as a Christian and went to church every Sunday with my family. I decided to become agnostic because I never really agreed with the religious teachings that I was taught as a kid, but I still want to believe there’s some higher power. “ So at a young age she realized what she believed and that's the reason she is agnostic but there is that sense of a higher power that she wants to find out for herself.
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Let the Night Shift Begin

Agnostic Stance

Even though she is agnostic she believes in a heaven("A good place where good people go") and a hell("horrible place where bad people go"), Gretchen says she knows there is a higher power but she just hasn’t found out what or who that is. So in the mean time Gretchen says "She wants to know what the higher power is but right now my main priority is my children and their well-being."
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A Little Alone Time