Bleeding Kansas and Dredd Scott

A Story of Popular Sovereignty and Slavery

Bleeding Kansas

What is Bleeding Kansas

Bleeding Kansas was the term used to describe the period of time in which Abolitionists and Pro- Slavery supporters fought over whether there would be slavery in Kansas. The US Government decided that Kansas would have Popular Sovereignty. This means that the people would decide if they wanted to retain or eradicate slavery. Because they had Popular Sovereignty, people from both sides came by the dozens to vote on the issue.

Dred Scott vs. Sanford

Dred Scott Interview

Before the Case
Tobias Roberts: Hello Mr. Scott, I'm from the local news. There is a seat right there for you.

Dred Scott: Thank you, Mr. Roberts.

TR: So Mr. Scott, what do think about the wonderful weather we have been blessed with?

DS: It is very nice weather, considering where we are.

TR: Yes, yes indeed. How do you feel about the case today?

DS: I feel confident, yet upset.

TR: Why is that so?

DS: Because I should not even have to go to court to let people decide whether I should be free.

TR: Thank you Mr. Scott, we'll see you after the case is decided.

After the Case

Tobias Roberts: Well Mr. Scott, it looks like the assembly did not go very well.

Dred Scott: Well, that's because hings didn't go well.

TR: Would you mind telling us what happened?

DS: Sure, why not. When I pleaded my case, Justice Taney said, "Blacks, slave or free could not become citizens, nor could I become free just by passing North of the Missouri Compromise line." As you can imagine, I was outraged. First I was sold as property, and then declared never to be a citizen.

Sanford's Hired Thug: Time to go Scott, Sanford's gonna put you to work when we get back. By the way you'll still have to fill the quota.

DS: Please, no, don't let them take me!