Room 110 News

September 12, 2014

Dear Families:

We made it through another great week in first grade. Your children are so much fun to work with.

Ms. Ames (our art teacher) still needs a volunteer for art time (Fridays 11:50-12:35) please let me know if you are available to volunteer at this time.

Toolbox was introduced this week, and the class responded very positively. We talked about the tools we have inside us to deal with anything that comes up in our lives. I will be sending home a copy of the 12 tools for you to use at home if you'd like.

We are still in need about 6 standard-sized pillowcases for our book bag project. If you are able to bring in an extra, please to do as soon as you can. The in class art portion of the book bag program is postponed to the week of Sept.24.

There are still lots of classroom volunteer positions available! The first hour of the day is need of helpers for breakfast, reading logs, and AM centers! So if you can spare even 20 minutes, that would be great.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at:

Thank you,
Susanne Reed

In Class...

Reader's Workshop--Launching the Reading Workshop--Readers are like runners: we warm up before, and set goals for our reading./ Partner Reading
Writer's Workshop-- Narrative Writing Unit--Writing "Small Moments"
Math--Counting within 10, Number Bonds, Ways to Make 6, Ways to Make 7
Spelling/Word Study-- Short /o/ word families (--om, -op, -ot, ob, -og), Short /o/ poetry
Social Studies-- Getting to know our classmates/ School and Classroom rules and procedures
Toolbox--Introduction to the 12 social-emotional tools, and we built our toolboxes in class.

Classroom Wish List

* We still need about 6 more standard-sized pillowcases for our book bag project!

Upcoming Events...

9/20 Welcome Back BBQ (Saturday)
10/7 Field Trip to CCM (SF)-- permission slip will be coming home this coming Wed.
10/13 No School