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The temporary deprivation of certain liberties with the intent of preventing or investigating a crime.


A form of property used to aid in the persuasion of court to release a suspect from jail. Often on the understanding that the suspect will return for trial.


Felony: Serious crime; offender is referred to as a felon.
Misdemeanor: A lesser, petty crime.

Grand Jury

Legal body with the power to conduct court proceedings with the intent to investigate criminal conduct.

Indictment / Arraignment

Indictment: The formal accusation directed at a certain person referring to a crime.

Arraignment: The formal reading of an arraignment.

Public Defender

Represents the accused who cannot afford an attorney.

Plea Bargain

A deal in which the defendant agrees to plead guilty, in exchange for a less serious sentence.

Petit Jury

Hears the side of the defendant and prosecutor, then retires to a small room to determine a verdict.


Someone present at an event thought to have knowledge relevant to an event or other matter of interest.


Compels witness to give testimony.


Person Accused