Cineplex Inc.

May 2016

Message from our CEO

Dear Friends,

I am excited and honoured to be the new president and CEO of Cineplex Inc. Previous to this new role I was the Vice President of Finance at the Loblaws. Many of the policies and procedures that are already in place will continue to be vital when exploring solutions to major decisions. I would like to take this opportunity to outline some new strategies our organization will be implementing:

  1. 360 Feedback evaluations: You will be giving and receiving these evaluations to/from superiors, subordinates, peers and even customers in the appraisal process. The goal is to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses
  2. Proxemics: Over the course of the next few months we will be changing the layout of some offices and employees spaces (ie. lounge, kitchen etc). The goal is tom improves and strengthen communication
  3. Job Swapping: Working in your department may be fun and routine, however, I want ti give you you the opportunity to meet other employees and learn more about the work other departments outside of yours take part in. Job Swapping will allow you and an employee from another department to switch places for two to

I look forward to working and meeting all of you in the next few weeks.

Best Regards,

Annesha Mendes

Upcoming Events

Meet the Boss

Please join me on Friday, May 20th, 2016 at 5 p.m in the main atrium for refreshments and hors d'ourves. I would like to take the opportunity to meet as many of you as possible and discuss how you think the company could continue to succeed!

Free the Children Mission Trip

As many of you know, Cineplex has been a supporter of the initiatives of Free the Children for many years. This year a team of Cineplex Corporate employees will travel to Ecuador to build a school for a community in need. There will be an information session on May 12th in Board Room C for more information.