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If you never challenge YOU to change, you'll never CHANGE!

10 day Fall-Back-Into-Fitness CHALLENGE!

Fall brings natural, simple change. The Fall-Back-Into-Fitness challenge offers a simple routine of 5 foundational exercises that will create a strong base. So many times the goal of workouts is to push faster, better and stronger! However, sometimes the best thing for our bodies and our brains, is to slow down and perfect simple exercises, so that when it is time to take it up a notch our foundation is super strong and healthy.

Click the link below to take the #fallbackintofitness challenge with me!

Cycling-2-Core Training - how big's your WHY?

Cycling-2-Core Training is the ideal training program for any cyclist! Challenging enough to result in continual improvement, but not so taxing that it results in injury or overtraining. This delicate balance is achieved with C2C guidance.

Join other cyclists at McPhail's new STUDIO to train on YOUR bike (on TACX smart trainers) from late October until the roads clear in April.

We follow a periodized program that guarantees increased strength, speed, muscular endurance & power. This kind of progressive training allows you to emerge in the best early-season shape of your life.

How big is your WHY for the 2017 season? Done right, indoor training can not only deliver results that reach beyond outdoor riding, but it can also be FUN!

C2C Coach - Kelly Ellis

Kelly is a seasoned cyclist & runner whose background in kinesiogy/training/coaching motivates her to motivate others. Her energy is endless and she is often referred to as the “spinergizer bunny”! She truly believes that reaching your cycling and fitness goals involves more than ability, desire or willpower – it takes teamwork!

Her balanced approach to activity and wellness combines periodized training plans, functional exercising, balanced nutrition and a lot of laughter into our programs.

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!”