Communication and Collaboration

9th Grade Tools

Success for Freshman Year

Below you will get an overview of the various tools we will use in the classroom. These tools will help students get used to the high school environment and prepare them for success in future classes. Through effective use of the tools, students will learn to be better communicators and collaborators.

Supporting Communication and Collaboration

  • Prezi will allow students to work together on a presentation and think about how they want to display information. The tool allows students to co-edit and show their updates at the same time.
  • Turnitin will be a great tool for students to communicate and collaborate with me as their teacher to receive feedback on their writing assignments.
  • Quizlet will give the students ability to create different quizzes and share them with other classmates to study for exams. We will have class time for students to collaborate and communicate with other students on how to use the app or website to share information for the test with each other.