Mrs. Dickau's Classroom News

June 5

We Are Fifth Graders

Congratulations! You now have a fifth grader in your household.

Last Day Picnic

We had a great last day of school picnic. We ended the event with an all class game of tug-of-war. It was a fun day and we enjoyed being together as soon to be fifth graders.

Class Book Recommendations

One of the last things we did was collect a list of books that students enjoyed over the year. These titles might help over the summer.

Titanic 0NE, TWO, and THREE
Dying to Meet You
Whipping Boy
Eight Keys
Monster Hunters
Monster Madness
Monster War
Secret Garden
The Secret Tree
Smart Mouth Game

Have a great summer!

I hope you have an enjoyable summer!

Play outside, learn a new game, find a new friend, learn a new skill, knit, play ball, read a good book.

I have enjoyed being your child's teacher this year and wish you all the best!