What Causes Us to Forget?

By: Railey Marshall

Why Forgetting is a Good Thing

Imagine that you had to remember your whole class' plans. You would be overwhelmed with trying to remember what's getting thrown down your throat.

What Can We Do to Remember Important Things?

Everyone gets annoyed when they forget to do something and then they remember what they forgot about AFTER it's too late. For example, forgetting to do your homework as soon as the teacher tells you to turn it in. We've all been there. What you can do to remind yourself to do your homework so you don't fail the class, is to write down on a sticky note or something you look at everyday to do so.

What Causes Us to Forget?

In reality, we can't remember something for a life time. We often lose sleep and get stressed out. Both of these things are the main reasons we forget. When we're sleepy and stressed, our brains can't concentrate.
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