Vancouvers Plan to Reduce trash!

With everybody's help we can achieve anything!

Reducing Trash

Vancouver is a beautiful city but we all know there is a waste problem. With your help we can reduce our trash even more to make the city even more green. In 2008 there was 480 000 Tonnes of trash, in 2013 there was 395 000 Tonnes of trash. In a span of 5 years we reduced 85 000 Tonnes of trash.

What Vancouver Has Done To Reduce Trash

What Vancouver Has Done

In 2010 the green bin was implanted. The green bin is for uncooked fruit and vegetable scraps. In fall of 2012 all types of food scraps we allowed in the green bin. One year later the government switched the pick up delivery so the green bins were picked up weekly and the garbage was picked up bi - weekly.