Keeping Safe the Stars

By Elias Alsteen

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Selling Souvenirs for Tourists

When the three stars, Pride, Nightingale and Baby, find out what really happened to their grandfather, Old Finn, they decide that because they don’t have any money, that they will set up a gift shop for any tourists that come down the road to town. After a ton of lies to nosy tourists, they finally decide to do what is right and tell the truth. The truth was that both of their parents had died. Their dad died of cancer, and their mom had been hit by a semi truck. Even though there is another lady on the property that is kind of taking care of them and who is not related to them, a reporter threatens to put them in a magazine because he thinks he has all the right facts. When they tell the truth, he doesn’t want to put them in the newspaper because he doesn’t want to produce lies. Even though the three stars stop lying, they still have to face many difficulties.

Old Finn's Reasons

The reason why the stars lied so much is because their grandpa, Old Finn, did not want nosy people coming to the property. But when the three stars are all alone, Pride thinks she has to tell lies to keep them safe. Nightingale does not want to lie. She thinks it is best to just tell the truth. But that may lead to more and more people coming to the property, and a good chance of them being put in the new because the facts are pouring out. The reason why the stars can survive all alone is because their very good grandfather wanted and taught them all to be very independant. This helped them through a lot of the story.

Why I chose this selection

The reason why I chose this part of the book is because it is a very exciting and suspenseful part of the book. Also it has a lot of detail but it does not give away the book. It shows the characters personalities more so than any other part of the book.
Keeping Safe the Stars