Great Entrepenuer


Born on July 31, 1958 Pittsburgh, PA. Famous in the NBA for his great management of the Dallas Mavericks. Mark Cuban has ventured into many diverse businesses, from theater chains to Internet startups. In 1990, Cuban sold the firm CompuServe for $6 million, one of his largest early business ventures. In addition to his wise business decisions, Cuban is also known for his controversial and statements. He also began a television career on the reality series Shark Tank in 2009. His go-getter attitude extended to the classroom as well. He started taking psychology classes at the University of Pittsburgh his junior year in high school. He then skipped his senior year and enrolled full time at the college.


1. Star on Shark Tank

2. Owns Dallas Mavericks

3. Wife is 14 years younger than him

4. Cuban made his way into the Guinness book of records in 1999

5. Mark credits Ayn's novel the fountainhead gave him courage to take risks and to be responsible for his successes and failures.

Build A Business Competition: Mark Cuban Talks Shark Tank & Entrepreneurship