For Freedom

Author: Kimberley Brubaker Bradley

Alexandra Curbow

references to history

This book takes place in France and in Germany. This book is about a family of four that gets kicked out of there house by the Nazi soldiers. Then they have to find a new way to live there lives.


One main character is the daughter in the family, she loves to sing and is very kind. Also another main character is Madam Marcile. she is a lady that lives by her in her town and loves to hear people sing.


The main location is in a small town in France by a beach thats very close to Germany.


A problem in the book is when the bomb drops on the beach and one of her friends died.

Another problem is when her house gets taken over by Nazis and her family has to find another place to live.


"Never give up when it comes to war", said dad.

"Dont be afraid of the soldiers", said dad.

"Dont ever back down to people", sad mom.

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