Should we POP the bubble?

Should gum be allowed for students in school?

According to the article 'To Chew Or Not To Chew', "Many people would agree that gum should be banned." Should we ban chewing gum in schools? Gum chewing has many benefits and should be allowed in schools. Some of the benefits this document will be stating are how gum keeps you focused in school, how gum keeps you awake during class, and how gum keeps you from getting obese.
"Gum chewing helps students stay alert and ready to learn." (To Chew Or Not To Chew) This is because as you chew gum it "raises your metabolism by 20 percent" which keeps you focused and physically alert to your surroundings. This can help when you are feeling tired in class and you need something to keep you focused on work, not sleep.

Another reason gum should be allowed in schools is because it keeps you from getting obese. This has been a big uprising problem with children over the past decade, and this could be one way we could stop it. This benefit will affect you in school because when you are obese you grow hungrier faster, which makes you not focus on school and some people (when obese) grow tired very quick, which does not help with school academic ability. According to 'To Chew Or Not To Chew', "gum is a healthy option to avoid overeating."

Now-think about it... Should gum be allowed in schools?
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