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New Hampshire is one of the New England States of the United States. It is noted for its natural beauty and year-round outdoor activities. In summer, for example, vacationers flock to the state's rugged mountains, blue lakes, sandy beaches, and quiet villages. In the fall, visitors tour the countryside ablaze with red, orange, and yellow leaves. In winter, skiers race down snow-covered slopes. The scenic beauty and other attractions bring millions of tourists from many parts of the world.
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Saturday, Jan. 1st 163 at 12am to Friday, Jan. 1st 1638 at 12am

New Hampshire, United States


  • 1603 Martin Pring explores Piscataqua River.

  • 1622 Council for New England grants Sir Ferdinando Gorges and Capt. John Mason land between the Merrimack and Kennebec rivers.

  • 1623 The first permanent English settlements in New Hampshire were established by traders and religious dissenters at Dover and Portsmouth.

  • 1629 Mason granted area between Merrimack and Piscataqua rivers; he names it New Hampshire.

  • 1635 Death of Capt. Mason leaves land claims in doubt.

  • 1638 The towns of Exeter and Hampton were founded.
  • New Hampshire State Flag and State Song
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