drugs i'd rather eat bugs


doing drugs is one of the worst things a person can do. Some drugs kill you instantly and others kill you over time. but all drugs
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first off we have methamphetamine also known as meth, crystal meth, angel dust but this drug is anything but angel dust meth can do many things to you like make you alert sweat and many other things
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secondly we have huffing. Huffing is like death gambling you can die any time you do it. a 13 year old boy died in his brothers arms from huffing a spray can can his brother said it was the most horrible experience of his life.
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steroids are a stimulant like methamphetamine they causes a mans testicle to shrink, infertility, and they may develop breast in women they may grow facial hair or chest hair and there voice may deepen but for everyone excessive acne, mood swings, paranoia, and roid rage
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len bias

this is a video of a superstar basketball player in the 80s who died from smoking cocaine
Without Bias - Last Moments

ending it

well there you go there are three of the drugs i chose but one things sure all bad drugs will kill you