Chinese Cinderella

By Kamryn Frenzel

Character Analysis

The main character is Adeline. When she was born, her mother died, so her family blames her for the death. Ever since then she was un-wanted, and hated by her family. Except her Aunt Baba and her grandparents. The other main characters are, Niang, Father, Ye Ye, Nai Nai.

Rising Action

The rising action of Chinese Cinderella is when she was elected president of the school. Then she is invited to her friend’s birthday party and goes without her permission. Then her parents beat her. Also she stays after school to help with school posters, and then her parents beat her when she returns home.



The climax is when she gets sent to boarding school in Hong Kong. When everybody else gets visited, she never does.

Falling action

The falling Action is when Adeline receives a letter from Aunt Baba saying how much she misses her. Aunt Baba was excited to talk to her because they haven't talked in four years.


At the beginning of the book, they start in Tianjin. Then they move to Shanghai, later they return to Tianjin.


The author wrote this book about a sad childhood of a un-wanted daughter. She wrote this story about herself, actually. She wrote this story as a personal narrative to tell the story about her life.


Her mother dies two weeks after giving birth to her (of fever) and she is known to her family as bad luck. Her father, Joseph Yen, remarries to a woman who disciplines Adeline and her brother while her half-brother and half-sister are spoiled.