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Easter madness

Guaranteed prize from the new collection

So gorgeous gals, the month of the chocolate bunny is here but for many of you the month of the statement necklace seems to have started with a bang. Hats off to all those qualified already this month just one week in !! Awesome

So you will know from the Dazzler Facebook page that for all dazzlers who qualify this month I'm doing a draw from the new collection for 10 winners overall. However as a member of my home team when you qualify this month not only will you go in the general team draw but you will also win a GUARANTEED PRIZE as well.

So that's a pretty cool aim, as is being in month one of the consistency bonus jewellery credit prize, getting yourself in the leads pool, earning business supply credits and bagging a prize from me!!

So get out there and wear your jewels, lend packs of jewels to friends if they are going away to visit friends, when they collect 300.00 of orders they are a hostess! Take your jewels everywhere and wear statement necklaces and bracelets when you are out and about. Have your 30 second commercial ready for when someone says, "wow that a lovely necklace" The answer to that is not thanks LOL

Glam Getaway

What level will you earn?

of course the other biggie in April is the double points for sales, sponsoring and for development for Glam Getaway. DO NOT DISCOUNT EARNING AT LEAST LEVEL ONE

With everything doubled this month just what might you need to do to bag yourself that stunning Black Chantilly lace cuff. Work it out

8000points, 6000 of which have to be from sales. What have you done so far, take that away, what are you left with. What shows have you got this month or what could you get when each one is doubled. If your show average is 500.00 then 4 shows this month is worth 4000 points, that's half of what you'd need

so what are you waiting for

go get it gals