Emily's Cross Country Memories

6th-8th Grade Barkalow Middle School Team

What is Cross Country?

Cross Country (XC) is a non-cut running sport. This is a great sport to get in shape and keep up with your stamina. People some reason get cross country and track mixed up or call it the same thing. Yet, it is totally different strategies, technique and speed. Track is more for the people that are good at sprinting. But XC you run long distance. Running will make you become a better athlete in what ever sport you participate in. And running is good for you! For me in particular, It made me a better athlete in soccer and lacrosse. So in Middle School the distance to run is a 1 1/2 miles.

In the beginning of 6th grade I wanted to try out for soccer and hopefully make it. As sad as I was because I didn't make it, I look back and I am really happy that I didn't make it. If I did make the soccer team in 6th grade I wouldn't have been experienced with cross country and wanting to continue running as a sport (on my own time). Even though I love soccer, I have a travel team and play outside of school. XC is different and I really enjoyed myself. I also feel that you build a good relationship/bond with your teammates. I know for me I have built a good relationship with a lot of my close friends now because of cross country.