Opportunities In Sport&Recreation

By Lauren Mullins&EmilyGreen

Places in the local area used to take part in sport&physical activity.

Southglade Leisure Centre is a centre in Nottingham, Bestwood, where you can go and train /participate in a selection of different sport activities ranging from swimming, to Zumba, to cricket, to football.

Redhill Leisure Centre is used for a selection of different sports as it has a big sports hall used for a selection of different sport, there is also a gym where you can use all equipment to train.

Different places will include different things like football pitches, tennis courts, basketball courts and there are loads of different sport pitches around and in Nottingham

Courses that are run in the local area.

Some courses are ran at the university of Nottingham and cost a cheep price to take part in. They're are a number of different sports you can use to run and it's every Friday.

Another place you can help out at is south glade leisure centre and is a volunteering activity to lead different activitys. You could visit different sports centres and see which ones find your needs.

Right track based in top valley offer different courses including the sports leader course, they do different courses like football where you lead different age ranges of children to play the sport. They offer this to ages over 16 and as they also run a youth club you can volunteer to help out with the sports in William olds in best wood

How a leader may use this information.

We can use it to get information of details to start courses and find out the kind of course we would like to start connecting to sports leadership. This would help as there are a few ideas and as I know the right track leaders I should think they will all be polite and give you the help you need.