"Inspiring Greatness in Tomorrow's Leaders!" 10-7-16

Think Win Win, Synergize and Yee-Haws!

Dear Staff,

Thank you for making our Student Success Day such a success; it is always extremely gratifying to see our entire school supporting our students through great in-class instruction, great use of our fabulous instructional aides, school interventions and grade-level interventions, double dosing through small group and one-on-one instruction, technology integration, great teaching strategies, and the list goes on and on!

It was awesome to see the great teamwork that each grade level is demonstrating to maximize student growth in all of our students. A very special thank you to Kristy for spending the day with us and already seeing students, Alice, Lindsay, and Theresa for checking in and being a constant support for our students.

Thanks again for all that you are doing, both individually and collectively to help students be their personal best!

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence." Vince Lombardi


  • Congratulations to our newly tenured staff Jordan, Sue, Kristy, Katy, and Gabby and our new SR Staff - Lauren, Steven, Nicole, Katy, Andrew, and Steven - that were recognized at last night's Board Meeting.
  • Congratulations to Julie, Stephanie, Jojo and all of our STREAM TOSAs who officially became a 2016 Golden Bell Award Winner for STEM education. This is a BIG accomplishment for our district. Congratulations for creating a program that is cutting edge and that instills a love and passion for learning in these important fields. Great leadership, hard work, teamwork, and a passion for excellence.

  • Madyson, Regina, Jaime, Robyn, Kim, Hanna, and Robyn for participating in the two-day training of our Safe School Ambassadors; our undercover super heroes!
  • Dawn for facilitating Student-Leadership with the great kick-off HNN!
  • Jojo and Gabby for preparing segments of our upcoming Strategic Planning
  • Alice, Lindsay, Robyn, Audrey, Theresa for meeting on Monday for a PLC.
  • Jaime - for attending our District Safety Committee Meeting.
  • Eva for subbing for Alex and Julie for covering for Eva. Great teamwork everyday.
  • Kathy for being such a pillar for our school!
  • Katy for participating in the Global Read Aloud - Students connecting with students in London to share questions about the BFG.
  • Thank you to all of our Instructional Aides - Kiki, Lyn, Alice, Elena, Pam, Troy, Jennifer, Laura, Corey, Julie that provide positive and interactive supervision at recess and lunch!
  • Sue for help facilitating the SST this week.
  • Tabor for making the agenda and the lighthouse team for meeting - Dawn, Ellen, Jaime, Lauren, Nicole, Regan, Shiela and Sue - to start moving toward Lighthouse Status. We are certainly living up to our mission of inspiring greatness in tomorrow's leaders!
  • Yee-Haw to each and every staff member at SR that makes our school a positive place to teach and learn for all!


Announcements/Reminders: Synergize; Together is Better!

  • Happy Birthday to Katy on Monday and Kimberly next Saturday. We appreciate the both of YOU and are so happy that you are at Solana Ranch!
  • 6th Grade Camp - We'll miss you next week Laurie, Sheila, Carrie and our 6th grade leaders.
  • RtI Meeting Monday @ 8 - Discuss grade level math interventions.
  • Site Strategic Planning on Wednesday 10-19. Looking forward to a great day of synergy!
  • CA Great Shake-out Earthquake Drill Thursday @ 2:10
  • PTO Movie Night with Food Trucks on Friday evening @ 5:00.
  • If you have not accessed the Leader in Me website; there are a lot of excellent resources. Here is the access code that you can use to log in and to change to a password you can remember: Registration Code: 0EA23F5

Our Staff Interacts with Students...and it makes a HUGE difference!

ISTE Standards for Students- This is how SR uses Tech. for students!

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