Museum Of Natural History

Jackson Krueger #15

So you don't know where to go on our field trip?

We should go to the Museum of Natural History! It shows information about plants, animals, and doesn't cost very much money! Therefore, the museum meets everything on the things to remember list, this would be a fantastic field trip to go on!

For one thing, it shows info about plants.

Plants are in the AKS (things 5th grade needs to learn) which is what the field trip must include. A different variety of plants are shown: vascular,non-vascular,fungi etc. They also talk about plant cells and shows fake live examples. To some up my thoughts, it shows plants information.

For example, the museum shows things about animals.

Animals are in our AKS which must be included in the field trip. Also, it has a wide variety of animals to learn about, this helps with our fluency. The museum shows animals cells and gives examples of cells. In conclusion, info about animals will be guaranteed.

As my last reason, the field trip won't cost much money.

On the things to remember list one of them was the cost. For $7 per person, we can get in for 1 hour and 30 minutes. We need to bring our own lunches, so to eat lunch there it will be free! When all is said and done, you can see the field trip will not cost very much money.
Do you still have no idea where to go as a field trip? Of course you have one, I helped you!

The Georgia Museum of Natural History doesn't cost much money and is learning efficient.