Child growth and development

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Drowning is a sadly common cause of death among children ages 0-5. When a child dies before its first birthday it is called mortality. Drowning is the leading cause of mortality. Children can drown in just 1 inch of water. To help prevent such a tragedy make sure children always wear floaters and never leave a baby unattended. For more safety tips and info go to
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Burns are categorized by the damage to the skin. 1st being the easiest to treat as it only damages the outer layer of skin. 2nd is intermediate and 3rd degree is the worst. Scalding is the no.1 culprit for 1st-2nd degrees burns. Scalding can be prevented by keeping hot water or hot liquids out of reach. To learn more,
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Automobile accidents are the ones you hear about most in the summer. Most of them happen when parents accidentally (or purposely) leave their children in their car. Contrary to common belief cracking a window is not enough. To help fix this problem you can purchase a car seat the beeps when the seatbelt hasn't been unbuckled. Visit this link to learn more facts and statistics.
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Sharp objects

Sharp objects can be detrimental to a child's health. Sharp objects include, but aren't limited to: scissors, pens, pencils, knives and a meat thermometer. To help keep your child safe, put all sharp objects high and out of reach. Also you can lock up and knife or sharp utensils. To find more information, visit
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Poisoning can be devastating to a child. Here are a couple things that can poison your child. Batteries, bleach, and dish cleaner to name a few. Keep all hazardous materials out of reach and out of site. For more ways to prevent poisoning, go to,
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A baby can choke eating anything smaller than a toilet paper roll. So, if you have a creative child and he/she likes Legos then watch out. Those are all possible choking hazards. There are fisher-price building blocks that gave fundamentally the same function but not a choking hazards. To learn how to save a child that is choking, visit,
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Classes to prevent these accidents take place every Friday, ned you can learn how to save a child suffering from any one of these ailments. Visit soon!!!