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Issue #70 Week of March 19th

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WOW! Words of the Week

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Words of the Week is a fun way for the Fremont community to help our students' vocabulary SOAR! Each week we will post a MATH and ELA vocab word that may appear in our informal and formal state assessments. Our hope is that staff, families and students will find fun and engaging ways to learn these terms! You could: Play a word game in the car! Keep a running list of the words! Hang them on the bathroom mirror! Sing them! Create a word scavenger hunt!

Here are this week's words:

mode: The most frequent number—that is, the number that occurs the highest number of times.

root word: a basic word with no prefix or suffix added to it

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Track Sign Ups: Grades 5-8

Hello Parents/Guardians!

Now is the time to sign your child up for Track & Field! The season begins on Monday April 3rd. Track is open to students in grades 5-8. You can find the schedule here! Track Schedule

We have recently switched to a paperless sign up. Please use the following link:

There will be a mandatory parent meeting on the back field on April 4th immediately following practices.

Ellis students will have the chance to learn and participate in the following events: 75m hurdles, 100m dash, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1600m, shot put, discus, and long jump.

Athletes will need to make sure they come prepared with water, good running sneakers (no spikes), and warm clothes on meet days! An Ellis Eagle t-shirt will be provided for the meets.

We will take sign ups right up until the start date (April 3rd). We will NOT accept late sign ups. Please check with the school nurse and make sure your child has a recent physical on file! If not, your child will not be able to participate until they do!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Hannah Kimball & Kelli Booth

Coming Soon: Summer Enrichment Sign Ups!

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Spring Picture Day is Coming!

Spring picture day is scheduled for April 3rd. Please note: only students that return their form will have their photograph taken.
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Public input needed for 603 Bright Futures Survey

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The 603 Bright Futures survey includes an opportunity for anyone interested to provide feedback that will be a useful source of information to improve schools, programming and policies statewide. The NH Department of Education will open its survey on March 13, which will remain available through April 28 to allow everyone the opportunity to respond. Once the survey closes, the results will be shared on the NH Department of Education's website.


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In response to the disruptive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on student social, emotional, and mental health, the State of New Hampshire is providing opportunities for positive childhood experiences at New Hampshire-approved overnight and day youth recreation camps. Through the ReKINDling Curiosity program, qualifying students will have up to $750 of their youth recreation camp fees covered by the Department of Education. For many children, especially those from low-income backgrounds or with disabilities, accessing summer enrichment opportunities that support continued development of the whole child is more important than ever. By relieving student anxiety and trauma resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, these experiences will help New Hampshire students return to in-person school with a rekindled curiosity, excited and anticipating a return to academic instruction in the fall.

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications

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Unfortunately, the USDA program providing free school meals to all students ended on June 30, 2022. Meals will no longer be free to all students in the 2022-2023 school year.

  • Breakfast: $1.50 Full Price, $0.00 Reduced
  • Lunch: $3.25 Full Price, $1.50 Reduced

If your child will be purchasing breakfast or lunch, please add funds to his/her account here:

Breakfast will be available for students to purchase each morning in the gym after they arrive at school.

Free and Reduced Applications can be found HERE

Please read the Fresh Picks Welcome Letter!

Fremont School District Food Service Director: Carole Humes 603-895-2511 x427

Upcoming Events

March 21st: Fremont School Board Meeting 6:00pm

March 22nd: Early Release

March 23rd: 2023-24 Kindergarten Information Night

April 3rd: Spring Pictures

April 12th: Early Release

April 13th+14th: Shrek: The Musical

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The Fremont PTA is looking for assistance with some upcoming events and with committee work. If you are able to help, please click on the link below.

The Boys' Glow Dance Party

Can you help March 25th before, during or after the event?

Sign up here:

Committees: H.S. Scholarships, Field Day & Officer Nominations

There are additional events coming up the next few months so look out for those sign ups as well! The end of the year will be busy with the Spring Book Fair, Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week, and Field Day!

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