The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor

The Day We Entered World War II

We Are Under Attack

A peaceful day in Hawaii. Sunny,nothing out of the ordinary until suddenly Japanese bomber planes circle overhead and the spray of machine gun fire rolls across the sand.The Japanese have undoubtedly caught Pearl Harbor off guard. The Japanese are unhappy, for their main target, our carriers are out at sea. Then as you look to the left BOOM! The Arizona one of the battleships explodes in a shower of sparks. It sinks in only nine minutes after a hit to it’s forward cartridge.

Attack From The Air

Commander Mitsuo Fuchida is leading his army of almost four hundred brave pilots to Pearl Harbor. They have bombs ready to drop on our army bases. Then out of the mist Fuchida see’s Pearl Harbor. They fly forward for a couple more seconds and then the invasion begins.

Attack From The Water

Ensign Kazno Sakamaki leads an attack from the water. He has trained and is ready to attack.The Japanese have six carriers, and destroy Almost all of our battleships. That day they lost 62 lives.

Gabe B.