4th Grade News

Mrs. Steenblock's Class

What's new in math?

Multiplication Mastery, Rounding, and Multi-step Problem Solving

We have been spending a great deal of time trying to learn the basic multiplication facts. Students need to know these accurately and automatically in order to continue being successful in math. We will soon begin multiplying multi-digit numbers and then learning long division. Rounding and estimating are two skills we are using to help us improve mental math skills. We need to have a clear understanding of place value and the relationships between digits in numbers. We are also continuing to work on solving multi-step story problems. If your child is still working on learning the facts or answering them quickly, please continue to help them work on this at home.

Here are some examples of some of the problems the students have been working on that use those skills:

  • Scheels sold 9,430 balls. They sold 3,102 baseballs. They sold 1,023 fewer basketballs than baseballs. The rest of the balls sold were footballs. Brett said that there were 5,305 footballs. Andy said that there were 4,249 footballs. Who is correct? Explain your thinking.
  • What is the relationship between the 4s in the number 4,040?
  • A sports analyst wanted to find out how many people fit in the three major football stadiums in Iowa. Use the information below to explain how he could use rounding to get as close as possible to the exact number of fans.

Kinnick Stadium 70, 585 seats

Jack Trice 54, 902 seats

UniDome 16, 324 seats

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