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CREC Academy of Science & Innovation Feb. 2018 Newsletter

February is Black History Month!

During February we celebrate Black History Month to remind us of the integral contributions of African Americans to our nation. Come check out the library display for opportunities to learn more about important contributions by African Americans to history, sports, science and more.

Blind Date With a Book

Single? In a Relationship? It's Complicated?

During the month of February you can go on a "mystery" date! These books are single and ready to mingle, but we won't let you judge a book by its cover! Pick a book by the description - no peeking! Afterwards, rate your date! Was it love at first sight, or a total dud?? Each slip turned in will earn you a treat.

BOOK SWAP is now available in the library lounge!

Do you have old books that are taking up space at home? Would you like to pick up something new without worrying about bringing it back? Try the Book Swap - You can even find something for your little siblings or your parents. Book Swap is Self –Serve – no need to check out or ask!

What can you make with Makey Makey??

Makey Makey makes the whole world into a keyboard. A fun and inventive DIY project, Makey Makey has been called a "mind explosion in progress" (Indie Cookie). You can play piano on pieces of fruit, a pair of scissors or a block of cheese. Play bongos, Tetris, or "Flash Flash Revolution" and turn your feet into a keyboard. Kids learn about circuitry, electricity, and programming with Makey Makey. The LLC has four Makey Makeys - what can you create?

(in this photo, Abinhav Bachu and Joey Cheatham (not pictured) make a "Fist Bump Controller" from a Makey Makey.)


"All the Right Angles: From Gear Ratios to Calculating Odds, Mathematics in the World of Sports" by Joel Levy

Review by Ms. McFadden

Ms. McFadden says, "I love this book because it combines two things that I love, math and sports. People don't realize how much math they already do and are interested in. Many athletes are natural mathematicians, from calculating angles to hit balls or make baskets, to performance stats. Even predicting the outcome of a game requires calculating the odds. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to be 'in the know' regarding their favorite sports."

New Books in the LLC!

Click the link below to check out this slideshow for a synopsis of some of our new novels! Then come down and request the one you want.


Most people know that a Utopia is an ideal society, one that everyone dreams of yet seems unattainable. A Dystopia is the opposite, a society that is unfair, where people are afraid or unhappy. The dystopian genre has skyrocketed in popularity with books such as The Hunger Games, Divergent, Article 5 and more. Come and check out a creative dystopian novel from our display!

Celebrate Valentine's Day with these Romantic YA Reads!

....and in honor of Valentine's Day, a ROMANTIC BOOK TRAILER....


January's Top Patrons

Congrats to our school's biggest readers! Students who have checked out the most books make it into top 5 and win a prize.

This month's winners were: Claire Fresher, Aeniecia Parkes, Keilany Santiago, Kareema McKenzie and Beloved Sheets. The top teacher patron was Ms. Callery.

Great job everyone!

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Be a part of something big!

Plan stuff for the library, create displays, share good books, and more.

Snacks will be provided and members can receive volunteer hours for participation.

It’s your chance to make the library your own! Committee meetings will be Thursdays after school, restarting in January!

See Ms. Reid in the Library to sign up!

Want free books?

Join the Frequent Reader Club!

It’s Easy!

Earn a free book by filling out your punch card!

Get a Frequent Reader Card and get a number punched every time you take out a new book. Earn extra punches by writing reviews of the books so that others can find a great read! So, on your mark, get set…. READ!

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