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Be strong, be flexible-Special Education Teaching Blog

You Are a Special Education Teacher? You Must Have SOOOO Much Patience!

If you are a Special Education teacher looking for resources and a good laugh at the end of your day then Amy's blog is where you need to be!

Amy has been a Special Education teacher for nine years. She shares her experiences and ideas on how to be a great Special Education Teacher.

"Bottom line, I’m not a saint because I am a special education teacher, I’m just another hard-working teacher who loves what they do." Amy

A Little About Me

I am a special education teacher who loves to teach.

I have been teaching for 7 years.

I currently have a masters in Learning Disabilities and I am working on my C.A.G.S in Education Administration.

I enjoy reading other educators' blogs and sharing them with others.

I hope you enjoy Amy's blog on Special Education.


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