Even the blind can read

What is Braille?

Braille was invented by a nineteenth century man named Louis Braille, who was completely blind. This invention is only helpful to people who are blind or sightless. This will benefit blind people the most when trying to read. This invention might be handy to a blind person because reading braille might increases the opportunities of employment. This invention was created for blind people to read things like books, articles bathroom signs, Etc. Braille give sightless people a better understanding of the world around them.

Its important!

Braille is an extremely important tool for blind people to become literate, and it is a critical component that supports educational advancement and increases employment prospects.

You can learn Braille too, even if you can see!

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Braille is a very important invention. I learned that the man who invented Braille was louis Braille he became blind by stabbing himself in to eye and I thought that was cool. Also I learned that braille uses up to 6 dots creating 64 unique combinations. The last thing I learned that there are three different types of skill levels of braille. I learned a lot of things about braille can it makes be want to keep researching and learn more.

Braille is effected to blind people because it gives them a way to have better knowledge for educations and jobs. Braille might change the lives the blind but it can also change the lives of humans who can see, it's so extravagant watching a blind person reading the same things we do with no problem. (it’s like a separate language) Maybe seeing a blind person reading can give you a better perspective on life and how the disabled are not so disabled after all.

The type of persuasive technique that I used in my S'more was repetition I feel like in order for the readers to really understand my s'more I needed to repeat how braille is very important and it help the blind so much. I wanted the point to get across that braille means a lot and it's an amazing invention.