BES Weekly Newsletter

May 16-20

We survived the STAAR!!!

Thank you to everyone of you for helping out during STAAR, from the teachers who gave the test to those who kept kids quiet all day---You guys were amazing!!! It takes everyone to make testing happen so smoothly! What a great campus we have! I know we SMASHED the STAAR!!

We are on the countdown!

This is the busiest and craziest time of year!! Please be sure you are monitoring students. There are many field trips and fun events planned, and we know students are ready to be out (I know you are too). Please keep students engaged in the classroom. Do not fill your day with activities that may lead to disruption and discipline issues. Keep kids busy and working and it will make your days easier!!

  • Teachers, please remember that your contract hours are 7:45-3:45.
  • Teacher/Staff children may not be in the gym during the school day until all students have been dismissed. Please make sure you know where you own personal students are after school each day.
  • Don't forget to log in every morning!!
  • It is very difficult to find subs at this time of the year. Please be here unless it is an emergency or you have already been approved for personal days.
  • If you get frustrated with a someone, take a moment before reacting!
  • On Thursday May 18, make sure you go by the computer lab for insurance purposes. Everyone must go by even if you do not have insurance through the district.

Dates to Remember:

  • 5/16 Muffins with Moms
  • 5/17 3rd Grade veritcal alignment at BIS
  • 5/19 Insurance Enrollment at BES--all day
  • 5/19 High School Speech students coming to BES
  • 5/20 3rd Grade Field Trip
  • 5/23 Life Skills to BIS
  • 5/24 3rd Grade visit to BIS
  • 5/26 Baby Shower for Mrs. Jones--DATE CHANGE
  • 5/27 AR Field Trip
  • 5/30 Memorial Day--School Holiday
  • 5/31 End of Year Awards Ceremony
  • 6/1 Bear Games
  • 6/2 Early Release
  • 6/3 All BISD employees will meet at the High school gym at 8:00 am.--NEW INFO