Mrs. G's Classroom News

September 17, 2016

Classroom Management

We had a fantastic week! Lots of positive Class Dojo points were rewarded for excellent learning behaviors and only a few negative for being off task or talking out of turn. I know next week we can do even better as we are getting into the swing of things and realizing what third grade is all about.

On Monday our classroom (along with Mrs. Allen's) will be celebrating International Dot Day. This global learning opportunity will show your child that creativity is promoted and fostered in my third grade classroom. We plan on connecting with other schools across the globe, reading "The Dot" and having fun doing dot activities throughout the day. Your child can wear polka-dots that day and encourage them to think outside of the box with what they choose for their attire. The "most creative" Dot Day outfit will win a little reward! Look for tweets on Twitter for updated info on what we are experiencing throughout the day!

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Mrs. Giannandrea's Website

The hub of all curriculum and activities that the kids experience will always be on my classroom website! There is a color-coded calendar with assignments, events and specials! Also following me on Twitter has benefits as you get a glimpse of your child's day throughout the school day. Please utilize my contact information below along with links to get you connected to the classroom!

Writing Workshop

We have been experiencing a lot of pre-writing activities this week with our personal narrative unit. Students made lists of strong feeling stories, and turning points where they experienced something for the first time or last time in their lives. Students also picked their favorite story ideas, started to draft one, and used a Story Mountain graphic organizer to be sure they had a beginning, middle and end. Lastly, students experienced filling out a timeline to see if they could tell a story in sequence order. Wow! We learned a lot!


This week in math we worked on time and estimation. We practiced logging into the Everyday Math Student Link and played games at I can tell the students really like participating in the ixl activities. We have earned 4 classroom certificates already that show our growth and effort! If you would like more resources to find out more about unit one you can go to . This site lists the concepts taught and has other resources you may be interested in seeing to help your third grader!

Reading Workshop

We had the opportunity to learn from Mrs. Allen this week for one of our mini-lessons from our first reading workshop unit. Students are learning how to build a positive reading life and we are sharing and analyzing ways we can make our reading experience be the best it can be. We talked about what type of environment needs to be present in order to read best and what goals we would like to accomplish in our reading. We also logged our reading on our virtual book shelf at . It was a little difficult to get this program up and running, but the kids are super excited about it so we will take baby-steps until we get a good understanding of how it works. I encourage students to log in at home starting next week. If it is too hard for your child to do logging at home now, I know they will get the hang of it as we practice everyday at school and soon they will be the experts showing me what to do!

Word Work

Our first lesson with the Wordsmith program was a success. Now that I have experienced one unit for this new curriculum, I think I can start making some tweaks that will be beneficial to student learning. Starting next week I will differentiate lists of words to meet the needs of all my learners and also implement Please notice in your child's future Monday Word Work letter that there will be a link showing that their Lesson 2 list is available at the website and games and other activities are available to help them learn how to spell. These activities are fun and engaging. They will be incorporated throughout the week and playing at home is definitely encouraged.

Class Dojo Growth Mindset Lessons

Before RTI time begins, I thought using this extra time in the day devoted to growth mindset learning would be valuable. Growth mindset is the realization that anyone has the potential to learn and that our brains are like muscles that we need to train, exercise and take care of to learn the most we can. Students were taught that mistakes are ok and supposed to happen. Students were given language use strategies if they are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. The kids loved the videos I used and I truly believe that this program will have positive results in school and out of school as well! See the example video below of what your child experienced:
Growth Mindset for students - Episode 3/5

Social Studies

This week we celebrated Patriot Week. We learned about what it means to be a citizen and the rights and responsibilities we have as a citizen. We also learned about the constitution. We found out that the constitution is really old and uses very fancy words. We took apart some of the words of the preamble and actually found out that we could figure out what they meant when phrased in small groups. We watched the School House Rock on the constitution and started to create our own classroom constitution. The picture below is the class dressed in their red, white and blue!
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