The Rose Society Newspaper Critic

By:Mairi Chavez

Out of four hearts I give this book a...

❤❤❤❤ out of ❤❤❤❤

I recommend this book if you like dystopian.


Adelina and Violetta are on a mission to get revenge on the Dagger Society and the Inquision with the help of Magiano. Magiano is only in it for the riches and fame. Adelina is in it to become the most feared elite and to get revenge on all those who doubted or turned there backs on her. Violetta is doing this to make sure Adelina doesn't lose control of her power and go on a rampage. Will she lose contol, and will Violetta be there to help? Will they complete there mission or all of it come crumbling down? Read to find out.

Setting and Conflict

This book takes place in the year of 1361 in a "country" called Kennetra but in two towns called Beldain and Estenzia, but in the southern parts of Kennetra. The exact city that they are in is Merroutas. The conflict of this story is how Adelina and Violetta make their own society with Magiano and they want revenge. Since Teren is still out there thinking that he has to end all elites he gets in the way, and it doesn't help when he's being vrain washed because he thinks he's in love. By the way the Dagger Society her former friends and group all are out there searching for her.

Adelina Amouteru

Adelina is a sixteen year old elite. She has the power of illusions. Her powers can make illusions so you feel pain, but she can also make you hallucinate. The only thing is her powers are powered by hatred or anger, and fear. All her deepest darkest secrets and regrets doesn't help at all it just makes her powers grow and she learned to master control over them. Sometimes she uses her powers and she doesn't know it and it haunts her. When she was back in the Dagger Society she was named the White Wolf becuase of her hair color.

Violetta Amouteru

Violetta is only fourteen years old and is an elite. Her power is she can sense other elites. She can also tell what other peoples energy is (fear, anger, joy, ex.). Another ability is she can take away someones powers and give them back. She sticks with her sister, Adelina becuase when Adelina has to much power she can't control it and she won't stop until she kills the person. Violetta was always the one that was taking Adelina's powers away when they were younger because she didn't know what she was capable to do. All in all Violetta is the sweet inoccent girl but that all can change, you never know.


Magiano is seventeen years old and is also an elite. He can copy any elites power if he has the capability of controling it. Before he met Adelina and Violetta he was a street thief and was known very well. He is also very wealthy with all the jems he steals but he wants anything and everything, greedy.

Teren Santoro

Teren is also seventeen and a elite. He can heal extremly quickly. He believes that the gods sent him to earth to destroy all elites and that it's his mission. He is in love with the queen of Estenzia, Guilietta and thinks she loves him to, but that's not the case. She was only using him to get him to kill the rightful king which was her brother Enzo and also made Teren kill her husband that was the king so she could get the throne to herself. She said that she would help get rid of all elites before she got the throne but that was a lie just to get help and he doesn't know any of this because he's blinded by "love".