Educational Technology and Anxiety

Are "tech-savvy" classrooms a trigger for anxious kids?

Answering Questions to Modern Issues

As educational technology becomes more and more prominent in our education system, children are reaping the benefits but also seeing some negative consequences. In particular, some students with anxiety, autism, and ADHD are being hurt by such technological advancements.

What about technology is a trigger for students? -- A few of hundreds of triggers!

What You Can Do to Help

The main idea to focus on is PATIENCE. Learn what makes the student happy, how they learn, and the triggers for these children. Then, modify their technology use. If they are bothered by noises, try noise canceling headphones. If they don't enjoy the final "enter" button, explore alternative ways of turning in assessments and assignments. If they become distracted, try putting computers in "lockdown mode" so students cannot open any new windows or navigate away from the activity's website.

Staying patient with students is ultimately what will help them flourish. Don't get mad at students with anxiety, ADHD, and autism--it just makes things worse! Getting angry with a child because of their brain chemistry is the equivalent to being upset with a colleague because he or she has legs.

Make sure students are well-versed in technology. The more students use their devices, the more comfortable they will become and the less stressful electronic usage will be. As a whole, patience, understanding, and repetitive use can help ease children of all mental backgrounds into the technological well, opening the door for the immense benefits of educational technology.

Anxiety -- The Fuel to My Fire

Hi! My name is Sarah Erdman and my constant companion is my Generalized Anxiety Disorder. My anxiety is both my greatest strength and most debilitating weakness. I use my anxiety as my greatest motivator, which has helped me achieve levels of success that I would have never imagined. Some days, however, my constant companion keeps me from enjoying my life and the people around me. I encountered a lot of unnecessary stress in school because of technology, serving as the inspiration for my Genius Hour Project. It is my goal to investigate these issues and educate the upcoming generations on how they can use technology as a tool to help ALL students without triggering any anxiety or other mental setbacks.