Important Updates from EUSD

March 5, 2021

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Updates in this communication include:

  • Vaccines for the Educator Sector
  • Travel Advisory
  • CA School Funding Announcement

Vaccines for the Educator Section

Last weekend, the County of San Diego opened up the next vaccine phase of Tier 1B which includes educators. The system for vaccinations for educators is different from all other sectors. All schools and district offices are assigned a quartile from the Health Practice Index between 1-4. So far the county has moved through its first two quartiles with the third quartile opening just yesterday. Most of our schools have been placed in the last quartile due to their Health Practice Index. Although we remain optimistic with the rate they are moving it is still frustrating that there has been little movement to expedite in person districts first. We know this is an important layer of protection in our schools, community and county. This delay has no impact on our return date for Phase 3 in person learning on April 12.

Travel Advisory

At this time, California has suggested guidance for travel that includes avoiding non-essential travel. They have also advised that if you do travel you should utilize mitigation strategies such as masks, distancing and handwashing at all times in all locations. See CDPH’s Travel Advisory for more details. If travel is done, it is recommended that families quarantine in their family unit for 10 days. Ideally, families that are planning travel would travel the first week of break to be able to quarantine the second week. Should families need to self quarantine the week we return, April 12th, it will be excused absences and work will be sent home. We want to ensure the safest environment for our students and staff as we return to school at full capacity. For ASPIRE families, please note that there will be no refunds in the event a family chooses to self-quarantine.

CA School Funding Announcement

This week the Governor announced an agreement on the funding proposal to incentivize school re-openings. The changes were positive for school districts like us that have already been open. Districts still working on opening for any in person instruction have some new timelines and requirements to receive funds, however, we met all opening requirements when we began hybrid on September 21st. An additional announcement was made noting “expanded learning opportunities” funds. We believe this will provide much needed additional funds that could be used for services such as summer school, intervention, social emotional learning and reducing class sizes for next year. The district will be working on the required plan for expanded learning opportunities monies and we will be seeking formalized input from families, staff and the community about proposed expenditures next month.