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Getting To Know Mr. Dressler by Cameron A.

Blue Earth- Mr. Dressler is the assistant principal at Blue Earth Area Middle School. We may see him in the halls or even in the office, but what kind of things does Mr. Dressler do on a normal day at school? Mr. Dressler says that he sees discipline as being more about making better choices inside and outside of class and learning from mistakes than about giving out punishments. He also shares that he tries to get out and be with the students each day likes to go look around at lunch and noon rec. He also spends part of his day dealing with paperwork. He says he has a hidden talent for remembering useless information when it’s not needed.

Mr. Dressler has a small family that includes a wife and daughter, and they moved here from a big city. Although it was a change in environments, Mr. Dressler says that he and his family love it here. Blue Earth it’s a very nice area, and he loves working with the staff and students here at BEA. Mr. Dressler says, “Staff have been great to work with., Teachers are really dedicated and are making sure students are getting best education they can”.

Book Review by Cameron A.

The story takes place at their new house in the fall.

Simon, and his 11 year old twin Jared and their sister

Mallory, Simon is a huge animal lover and discovers

his cat is gone and goes looking for it as he’s outside

he starts getting dragged away by invisible goblins.

Jared and Mallory get help by the a book, there’s

a stone you use to see them.So they find the stone

and go hunting for Simon. They end up at a swamp

when they hear metal and they follow the noise but

the swamps in the way so they try to go through it, a

giant troll pops out of the water, They quickly run

around it and head towards a campfire they see.

Read this book to find out if they save Simon or if he

gets cooked by goblins. This book was entertaining

because it was never confusing, You could always

understand the situation. People who would like a lot

of conflicts in books would like this book.

Should Schools Make Kids Wear Uniforms? by Cameron A.

Schools should not have uniforms, Students should be able to feel like they have rights and they might feel uncomfortable. When people wear uniforms they have a possibility of getting teased on how they look, Kids should be able to wear what they want to school. When kids wear their own clothes it let’s them express themselves. If kids wear uniforms it was slightly lead to being uncomfortable in class. states that “wearing school uniforms increased the schools violent attacks by 14 per year.” According to “middle school fights doubled within one year of introducing school uniforms.” also states that “school uniforms do not improve attendance, academic preparedness, and exam results.”