Taiga Biome Project

By: Kenay Shaw

Taiga Description

The Taiga region is at Russia and Canada. Also, its Characteristics has the needleleaf forest and glaciers.

Taiga Abiotic Factors

The weather and climate has long,cold winters and short, humid summers. Their winter temperatures is 54*C to -1*C ( -65*F to 30*F). Also, their summer temperatures is -7*C to 21*C ( 20*F to 70*F ). The precipitation is 30 to 83 cm ( 12 to 33 inches)
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Taiga Landforms

The Taiga biome has mountains, rivers, glaciers, streams, lakes, and valleys. Some of the mountains are dormant volcanoes. There are a few mountain ranges and glaciers cut through the valley.
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Taiga Biotic Factors

In the Taiga there are many place that plants and animal cannot live in. But, there are animals and plants in a few places. The animals are deer, moose, elk, squirrels, grizzly bears, wolves, wolverines, and etc. The plants are trees like spruce, birch, oak, willow, alder, and firs.
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Taiga Ecological Concerns Or Issues

The issues in a Taiga are deforestation (people cutting down trees, then later there will be no trees.) and pollution.