Consumer Rights

Bethany Roberson

Right to Safety

Products should not cause harm to the consumer if they use the product correctly.
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Right to Be Informed

Companies should always provide enough truthful information about their products so the consumer knows how to use them correctly.
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Right to Choose

The consumer should have many options of a product through a variety of companies.
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Right to Be Heard

Customers should be allowed to voice their complaints and concerns about a product.
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Right to Satisfaction of Basic Needs

All consumers should have access to basic and essential goods and services.
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The Right to Redress

The consumer should receive a fair settlement with unsatisfactory goods or services.
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Right to Consumer Education

Having enough knowledge to make the right choices on a product or service.
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Right to a Healthy Environment

The right to work in a healthy, safe environment for consumer protection.
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Samsung, LG, and carriers fined for price fixing by Korean FTC

-South Korea's Fair Trade Commission (FTC) has fined Samsung, LG and Korea's carriers $40.2 million for price rigging and consumer fraud.

-The FTC found the companies guilty of working together to fix prices and defraud consumers. The companies had apparently inflated the prices of phones and then advertised them as improved special offers.

“Back in Motion” Office Chairs

The chair has been recalled by Staples because it can tip over when leaning back, posing a fall hazard.
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