Pauline Cushman

By: Abby Kang and Micheal Bamidele

Early Years and Life Before The Civil War

Pauline Cushman was born Harriet Wood June 10,1833 in New Orleans. Her father was a Spanish merchant and her mother was French. When she got tired of living in the wilderness of MIchigan she moved to New York to persue her acting carrer when she changed her name to be Pauline Cushman.

Contribution to the civil war

One night she was approched by Confederate sympathizers who asked her to make a toast to Jefferson Davis , she accepted and in the process lost her job. Although , Union Colonel William Truesdail instructed her to spy on the enemy. This was easy beacause she was now considered a "darling of the south " because of the speach she made to Jefferson Davis.

Life after the civil war

She married August Fichtner who later died within a year. She later married Jere Fryer and operated a hotel in Casa Grand, Arisonal. Their marriage didn't wistand the death of there adopted son. She was now alone and suffering from arthritus she started to self medicate and became addicted. She died of an overdose at 60 years of age.