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December 4th, 2020

Welcome to December!

This week we welcomed our students back to an all-virtual classroom and we also welcomed the month of December. After the joy of Thanksgiving and time with our families, it's time to settle in for our final three weeks of first semester. Each week this month, I am reflecting on one specific aspect of our semester that was different from any other school year, and how we adapted to the changes. This week, I am reflecting on the virtual world, and how technology has become more integrated and more important than ever! In order to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, we spent our first week this month in a completely virtual classroom. Our students adapted to this shift like champions. It was truly inspiring to me to watch our young and old students take on the changes and the challenges with enthusiasm. It made me reflect that we as adults have so much to learn from our children, and that we as educators have so much to learn from our students. Thank you to each and every student who made this a great first week of December, and I hope we continue to adapt as the year goes on!

Highlight on Virtual Classrooms

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Big picture

Highlight on Parent Involvement

One of the most incredible things to see during this unusual school year is how hard our parents work to make sure our students are successful in the virtual world. Pictured here is Monty and his mom, who is ensuring that Monty follows along with Ms. Butler. It is so fun to watch parents work with their children directly, and it is also inspiring to us to see them work their own jobs from home while their children are there with them! We are really proud of our Patrick Henry parents for stepping up so well during these difficult times. Awesome job!

Student Shoutout: Jada Smith

Prior to Thanksgiving break, Jada assisted Ms. Brandon in rescuing a family of kittens who made Patrick Henry's property their home. Ms. Brandon treated Jada to a special thank you lunch for her service to the kittens, who now have comfortable new homes and families to love on them. Awesome job, Jada and Ms. Brandon!

December: Spirit Month!

Join us for our upcoming spirit days to celebrate our last two weeks of school before Winter Break! We hope you enjoyed our first week of Spirit Month!

  • Dec 7: You Know Dasher and Dancer...(dress like a reindeer!)
  • Dec 8: I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas (wear your favorite winter hat!)
  • Dec 9: Twin Day (dress like your friend - bonus points if it's winter-themed!)
  • Dec 10: Favorite Winter Plaid (wear your checkered shirts with pride!)
  • Dec 11: Jeans + Holiday Sweater
  • Dec 14: Movie Monday (dress in the theme of your favorite holiday movie!)
  • Dec 15: Santa's Helpers (dress up like any of the friends who live at the North Pole!)
  • Dec 16: Ugly Sweater Contest (wear your worst, most ridiculous holiday sweater!)
  • Dec 17: Jeans + Holiday Sweater

Reminder that Thursday, December 17th is the last day of school for students. We wish you all the merriest of holidays, and hope you all stay safe and healthy!

Happy Grinch Day!

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